Soul Pathways Weekend
April 12th to 14th

Welcome to Soul Pathways Weekend

This is an incredible opportunity for you to meet and work with Paul Williamson, a highly experienced Past Life Regressionist, trauma therapist and twelve times author who resides in Australia. Torbay is blessed to have the opportunity to welcome and host both Paul and his partner, Dee Gutierrez, as part of their 2024 UK tour. Dee herself is a highly experienced Evolutionary Astrologer, spirit channel and healer and we’re delighted they’ve chosen Torbay as the venue for the South West.

The weekend has been made possible by Heart of Torbay in initiating and facilitating the event: Sharon had the pleasure in meeting Paul at Olympia in London many years ago where they were exhibiting alongside each other and have remained friends ever since.

Special thanks goes to Gresham Court Hotel in Torquay for allowing us full use of their welcoming, relaxed and safe hospitality space over the course of the weekend along with supporting with the logistics and ticketing.

The full programme of events is described below and can be downloaded in more detail here.  Tickets can be purchased in advance by selecting any or all of the options at the end of this page*. Click the ‘next’ button to proceed through to Gresham Court’s secure online payment service.

*Please note a maximum of one, one hour 1x1 session is bookable with either Paul or Dee to enable as many people as possible to have the opportunity for a personal sitting. Should there be any cancellations nearer the time we will open a wait list.

About Paul and Dee

Before considering the programme of events, let us give you some information about Paul and Dee.

Paul Williamson

is an experienced international therapist specialising in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy and Inner Child Healing.  Paul’s work is to help and enable you to connect more directly with your soul and your soul consciousness, so you can be in harmony with who you truly are and build a more direct understanding of your being and purpose.  Paul is the facilitator,  guiding you to learn through your own inner experience.

Paul Williamson has been practicing professionally as a Past Life Therapist and Inner Child healer for 36 years. He is trained in Somatic Healing and Trauma Release through the work of Dr Roger Woolger.

He is a specialist in Life Between Lives Therapy alongside Inner Child Healing. Although now living permanently in Australia, Paul continues to work internationally. He is author of 12 published books, with no doubt more to come!

Visit Paul’s website to learn more:

Dee Gutierrez

is an Evolutionary Astrologer who has been studying and practising astrology for over 25 years. 

She was taught by an eccentric Sagittarius Western Astrologer at age 14 on how to cast a chart from scratch, how to recognise the psychological archetypes of the Zodiac, and how to read the Tarot.  At that stage, however, Dee kept her private practice very much under wraps. 

Much later, when introduced to the world of soul and energy work, Dee came to the teachings of Jeff Wolfe Green and Evolutionary Astrology. All of a sudden Dee realised the potential of Astrology went far beyond ’Who you Are’. It shifted to ’why you are’, and ’where you are Evolving to’!

Visit Dee’s website to find out more about her practice:

Paul and Dee very much welcome the opportunity to work with you during the course of this weekend in Torbay, with whichever way you wish to engage and heal.

A Special Video Message from Paul & Dee

Programme of Events

The full programme of events is given below, taking place from Friday 12th April through to Sunday 14th.  Admission to any or all of these may be purchased in advance by using the options presented at the end of this page and then proceeding through the online payment system.

It is advisable to book early as places are limited and there is already high demand!

Presentation by Paul and Dee

Friday 12th April - 7pm to 9pm

An Evening with International Past Life Regressionist and Author, Paul Williamson, alongside his partner, Dee Gutierrez, an Evolutionary Astrologer and Healer.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to dip your toe into the weekend and listen to Paul and Dee talk about the brilliant work they do around past life regression, inner child therapy, evolutionary astrologer and more.

Access to Gresham Court is from 6:30pm.  Light refreshments will be available beforehand, with the Hotel Bar being open after the presentation concludes.

Cost:  £15 per person

Pathways to Our Soul: A One day workshop led by Paul

Saturday 13th April - 10am to 5pm

We strive to live our lives as well as we can - seeking personal growth and being true to our Spiritual Path.  Along the way, our Higher Consciousness may cast light on inner layers that hold pain and difficulty.  In this workshop, we want to create a safe space together, for support and healing. Our aim will be to go deep inside us to the source of what needs healing.

We will be engaging with meditation, journaling and drawing, somatic and representational processes, trauma release, and gentle spiritual rituals.  It would be helpful if participants can provide a few paragraphs of introduction where you can outline what you are seeking from the workshop.

The workshop will have a maximum of 12 participants.

Cost:  £65 per person

Moon and Self Care: A two hour workshop led by Dee

Saturday 13th April - 10am to 12pm

As beings here on earth we are connected to our bodies and to our world via our emotional bodies.  It is how we make meaningful bonds with everything in our lives.  It is important for us to be aware of and to understand all aspects of our inner realities. The more we know the ins and outs of how we perceive life, the more we can start to utilise our insightful gifts with confidence.

In this 2 hour workshop we will be having an open discussion about how we individually identify our inner narratives. We will consider how we give and receive support and how we engage with ourselves and others. Using Astrology, we will be able to give insights on the reasons why our Souls wish to perceive life with the unique narrative that we have created.

This workshop will be led by Dee, who is an experienced Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel.

Cost:  £25 per person

FREE EVENT - Redefining Trauma - Stella Grace Allen

Saturday 13th - 1pm to 5pm (no booking necessary)

Join local writer and broadcaster, Stella Grace Allen, for an afternoon of redefining trauma. Stella is a highly qualified holistic therapist who has for many years been on her own healing journey with deep trauma  and is now driven to share her own personal insight and experience in supporting and encouraging others  to reflect and gain powerful insight through their own healing journey.

Stella will be at Gresham Court between 1pm and 5pm on Saturday 13th April giving an informal talk on ‘Redefining Trauma’. She will also be on  hand during that time to chat, offer support or guidance and give tasters of her own alternative therapies. It’s a ‘drop in’ space so no need to book. Any taster treatments or bookings made are payable direct to Stella at the time.

Individual 1-2-1 Sessions available with Dee

Saturday 13th April - 1pm until 6pm

You can choose from the following:

  • Evolutionary Astrology Reading
  • One hour composite chart and transit reading
  • Tarot

Cost:  £25 per half hour; £45 for 1 hour

Individual 1-2-1 Sessions with Paul or Dee.

Sunday 14th April - 9am to 6pm

You can choose from the following:

  • Past Life Regression (Paul)
  • Inner Child Healing (Paul)
  • Life between Lives/Meeting Guides (Paul)
  • Evolutionary Astrology Reading (Dee)
  • One hour composite chart and transit reading (Dee)
  • Tarot (Dee)

Cost:  £25 per half hour; £45 for 1 hour

An Evening of Healing and Channeling with Paul and Dee

Sunday 14th April - 7pm to 9pm

During this simple evening and a wonderful way of closing Paul and Dee’s visit to Torbay, we will form a Spiritual Circle together.  Paul and Dee will introduce basic practices of Spiritual Healing. Then we can try this out with each other. We will send out distant healing to those that need it.

The concept of Spiritual Guides will be introduced. Paul will lead a meditation for you to connect with your loving Spiritual Guide. Then as a culmination of the evening, Dee will channel one or more of her wonderous loving Spiritual Guides, Duncan, Sasch and Reyna. During the channelling process, Dee will move her consciousness completely to one side so her guides can speak through her mind without her consciously being present.

During this session, her guides will offer teachings and be available for questions and answers.

Cost:  £15 per person

Download the full itinerary >>

Presentations and Workshops

1-2-1 Sessions with Dee on Sat 13th from 1pm

1-2-1 Sessions on Sunday 14th from 9am


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